How do you cook if you run out of propane?

What if you are out in the “boondocks” in your R.V. and you run out of propane? How do you cook?

Go to Wal Mart. Walk into their sporting good section. Now you have several options:

1. Buy a small one burner stove that costs about $25-30

2. Buy a camping stove that costs around $50-100.

2. Buy a small bottle of propane. Costs about $5


1. Buy one package of Sterno fuel (it comes in a 2 pack.) that costs around $5

2. Go into the health and beauty section of Wal Mart and pick up 1 bottle of
91% rubbing alcohol. Costs about $2

3. Make sure you have matches or a lighter.

How do you cook with Sterno fuel?

1. In one large pot put the 2 sterno fuel containers inside.

2. Open containers

3. Take a match and light. Sterno fuel is alcohol based and lights very easily

4. Take a grate from your stove and put it on the top of your pot. and then proceed to cook.

If the flame is not hot enough…like it is taking forever for water to boil…put out the flames by covering cans with a lid and add the 91% alcohol. It will give you a little higher flame. It lights the same.

5. Be patient. We are so used to microwaves and hot btu’s that we want it now. It will take about 5 minutes to boil water.

The pot you are using to cook your food in will turn black but it will clean up easily.


About A Joyful Ministry/A Joyful Traveler

I love to share spiritual insights and encouraging words. I love to travel. I enjoy writing, photography and making miniatures. I am a fellow adventurer and a gypsy at heart.
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One Response to How do you cook if you run out of propane?

  1. Beverly Kennedy says:

    Coat inside of pan with a thin layer of liquid dish soap and it will wash out easily.

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