Blacktopping it

Where do I sleep tonight is the question.

If I am in the city:

Do I go to the local Walmart, do my shopping and then go to sleep?

Or do I go to a local Denny’s restaurant, eat and then sleep?

Is there a local truck stop outside of town?

If it is a small town and there is nothing open 24 hours, I will park on a side street.  If you park discreetly you will never be bothered!

If you are in the boondocks, before sunset find a safe place off the road and then dream the night away.

Be discreet where ever you go and most likely you won’t be bothered.Respect personal property, get permission. If you ask and they say no, don’t take it personally, just move on.


About A Joyful Ministry/A Joyful Traveler

I love to share spiritual insights and encouraging words. I love to travel. I enjoy writing, photography and making miniatures. I am a fellow adventurer and a gypsy at heart.
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