What do you do when your holding tanks are full?

What happens when you are out in the “boondocks” and your holding tanks are full?  Whether you are blacktopping it or truly in the boondocks what do you do about poop?

Before this happens have a back up plan. Be prepared!

1. Buy a port-a-pottie. Put it in the corner of your bathroom or store it. I have mine in the bathroom under the sink and have place a towel over it and put candles and flowers to decorate it.

2. Have a few liter bottles around for the pee *men or ladies you can use a coffee can. Don’t throw it on the side of the road like a pig!  Throw it in a garbage can somewhere. Have a little dignity.

3. If you are truly in the boondocks: Bring a shovel if you do your duty outside. Be like a cat and turn bury it. Don’t leave it on the top of the ground. They have small shovels at Wal Mart in their garden section. A small one will do.

4. If you are blacktopping it or in your car: Park near a 24 hour Wal Mart, Gas station or and 24 hour restaurant like Denny’s and go in and use the public toilet.

5. Last option: they do make those portable tanks that you can empty your holding tank into it and then transport it somewhere to empty it. I have never used one so am unsure how well they work. Any comments?

For more information about sewage and macerators go to Phreds Poop Sheets @ http://manmrk.net/tutorials/RV/phred/macerator.html


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I love to share spiritual insights and encouraging words. I love to travel. I enjoy writing, photography and making miniatures. I am a fellow adventurer and a gypsy at heart. Ajoyfulministry.wordpress.com/ajoyfultraveler.wordpress.com
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