What do you do when your lights go out?

What do you do when you are in the boondocks and your house lights go out?

Always be prepared! Things happen.

My converter recently went out and I was in the dark for a few minutes. But at least I was prepared.

1. Buy at least a 400 watt inverter: It plugs onto your coach battery with cables. It works for lights and for your lap top too. I have a white extension cord I stick through the window to plug into the inverter. A little tacky but it works.

2. Buy a small lamp with minimum wattage or buy florescent  lights to plug into your inverter! If your coach lights go out you still have light.

3. Have a package of small tea light candles on board. It is amazing how 3 small candles light up the darkness and add romantic ambiance.

We are so far removed from candle light. Did you know you can use olive oil to make a oil lamp? Take a piece of string, a paperclip, a small jar, and little olive oil and light it. It burns clean.

4. Have a few flashlights handy with fresh batteries. Put them in a place where you can find them in the dark.

In any case it is always good to be prepared!


About A Joyful Ministry/A Joyful Traveler

I love to share spiritual insights and encouraging words. I love to travel. I enjoy writing, photography and making miniatures. I am a fellow adventurer and a gypsy at heart. Ajoyfulministry.wordpress.com/ajoyfultraveler.wordpress.com
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