Bread Thieves

I have two furry friends that I love to pieces, but sometimes yell, “I hate dogs!”

–I came back to the dog’s R.V. Twice this week to find that they had eaten my bread.

The first was a bag of tortillas. I opened the door to the R.V to find a half-eaten bag on the floor. The dogs had even eaten the plastic bag in their pleasure, for there was no remains of plastic bags anywhere to be found.

After I yelled: “I hate dogs!”  I proceeded to salvaged the rest of the bag of tortillas by cutting them in half.

  Have you ever tried to eat a half of a burrito? O, brother.

–The second time this week, I left the dogs in their R.V. And came back to a half eaten loaf of bread.  I share with my dogs and give them the crusts whenever I eat a sandwhich. So what do I find? The dogs only tore off the crusts and left the middle for me. Again there was no remains of the plastic bags.  Now why do yell I hate dogs? Because they’re common bread thieves!

–For the love of dogs,



About A Joyful Ministry/A Joyful Traveler

I love to share spiritual insights and encouraging words. I love to travel. I enjoy writing, photography and making miniatures. I am a fellow adventurer and a gypsy at heart.
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One Response to Bread Thieves

  1. Margaux N. says:

    That’s so adorable 🙂 thank you for sharing

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