First day at Amazon!

Well, my first day at Amazon is over. I am officially an Amazon Camper force employee. There were 25 people in the group that was hired today.  I would say the average age of the group was between 55-70.  I was the youngest in the group and I am in my late 40’s. They went around the room telling how long each had lived in their R.V.’s.  Most of them were retired full-timers for about an average of 5-7 years. Many had worked past seasons for Amazon. I would say most of them were hired as couples. Here is what I learned today at Amazon’s orientation:

  1. follow all the rules
  2. stand in a line
  3. walk behind the green mile line
  4. have integrity
  5. and honor
  6. watch what you say
  7. don’t gossip
  8. keep things confidential
  9. clean up after yourself
  10. keep your work area neat
  11. don’t harass other people
  12. don’t make fun of or make slide remarks about someones race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity
  13. telling jokes is not okay
  14. respect peoples boundaries
  15. don’t inappropriately touch someone
  16. listen to others
  17. tell your manager if you have problems with your co-workers
  18. Amazon is a big company that sells everything under the sun. You might see adult products that you wish you never seen. Don’t joke around with them and make inappropriate remarks or you’ll be fired
  19. put things in their proper bins
  20. work fast and effeciently.
  21. If the metal detectors go off,  or if you set off an alarm don’t take it personally
  22. Have fun out there and we’ll see you tomorrow for part two of orientation





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One Response to First day at Amazon!

  1. You’re on your way! Good luck!

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