Amazon’s 5 s system for clearing clutter

Today, Monday Oct,21 at Amazon, I  went to safety school. Instead of watching boring videos, They had hands on training and flip charts. It was the usual safety training:  How to lift properly by keeping your back straight, using your legs and keeping the product close to your body, how to use a step ladder,  how to use a pallet jack, how to identify the safety lines through out the plant etc. There were 7 modules that we went through. Amazon is very safety conscious.

The thing I like the most about safety school today was their 5 s  methodology system. I wrote it down on my hand with a pen so I wouldn’t forget it. Come to find out it is originated in Japan.

I thought it would apply to our every day lives. Do you have a lot of stuff around your house and find clutter every where. When you need your scissors do you know where to find them? Or your car keys for that matter.  Having a 5 s plan will help.

5 Tips for clearing clutter from your home:

  1. Sort:  Sort your stuff. Put stuff in order. Pens with pens. Papers with papers
  2. Straighten: Straighten up your area
  3. Shine: Clean up your area and make it shine
  4. Standardize: Do things the same way every time: Make a special spot for your stuff. And put it there each and every time. Make a key rack for your keys.
  5. Sustain: Clean up your area everyday. If you see something out of place put it back in it’s spot. It makes it easier to maintain a clutter free environment

Fun, Fun



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5 Responses to Amazon’s 5 s system for clearing clutter

  1. Thanks, Tressa. Sounds like a plan.

  2. Ruth Ann Currah says:

    Excuse me, you live in a tiny box. It should not be that hard to find your scissors.

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