Outsmarting my dogs

I love my dogs dearly, but some times I yell “I hate dogs!” I went to work yesterday and left the dogs alone in their R.V. for 11 hours. I walked them and fed them before I left and hired a dog walker for them so they can do their duty. Aren’t I considerate?

Well, I came back to their R.V. tired after 10 hours of walking on my feet, tired and ready to go to bed. I opened the door and what do I find?  The dogs had gotten into the trash, yet again. This time it was over every square inch of the floor. They must have had a party because it looked like someone had thrown confetti all over the place.

After I yelled at them bad dogs! Go to Bed! And gave them some really mean faces. I yelled “I hate dogs!” and proceed to clean up the mess. My garbage can holder is about two feet off the floor screwed to the bathroom door.  It was the perfect spot for it. Not anymore! My dogs have figured out a way to get into it.

Okay, I think to myself  “This is the last time they will be getting into MY garbage can. How do I outsmart the dogs?  Where can I put it so they cannot reach it?  The bathroom is a 2 foot by 2 foot so that won’t work. It can’t go under the sink because that is where I store their dog food container. I don’t want it in the only clothes closet I have. I can’t put it in anywhere in the  living area. The only last spot for it was to screw it to the cupboard door above the refrigerator. It takes up the only counter space I have but at least my partying-trash- loving-confetti makers won’t be getting into it.” I think I have outsmarted them this time??

THE CULPRITS: Katie and Moe



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4 Responses to Outsmarting my dogs

  1. They’re not looking penitent. Bad dogs. 😉

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