Any suggestion for training me, the dog owner?

The trash is fine now but the question is WHEN will I ever learn? I left my backpack filled with my lunch goodies on the couch. I was tired last night at 4:30 am when I came home after the first 40 hours at Amazon. I threw the backpack on the couch along with my coat and hat. And crawled into bed. I got up and went to empty the “dog safe” trash. When I came back into the coach not even five minutes later, Moe had torn open my backpack and was sitting there munching on the last morsel of my peanut butter crackers. He looked up at me and knew he was in trouble. This time he was caught in the act. All that was left of my lunch goodies was the can food. Plastic cracker wrappers and a few crumbs was mixed with some of the left over confetti from the party the night before. I really yelled at him this time and order him to go to bed. Dummy me! I know it was my fault. I yelled “I hate dogs!” and proceeded to clean up the mess yet another time this week.

Any suggestions for training ME, the dog owner?? Bad owner! Bad!


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9 Responses to Any suggestion for training me, the dog owner?

  1. Don’t know anything about dogs so cannot help but really, bad Mommy, hmmm?

  2. Ruth Currah says:

    Moe has a better memory then you. You are out gunned.

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