Toilet paper confetti…

This week my dog had a party with my trash, ate my lunch, I have been told to be more proactive rather than reactive, that my dogs have a better memory than me, that I am outgunned. I called myself a bad owner and someone else agreed…bad mommy? So tonight before I left. I emptied the trash in both the kitchen and bathroom. Made sure that everything was up off the floor. That my backpack was not in reach of Moe, that my food was not near the edge of the counter. Whew, I thought to myself as I left to relax at a pizza party with a few of the Amazon people, I am home free– my r.v. is dog proof safe.

Sooo, After eating all that pizza and drinking coffee having a nice visit and making new friends. I came home and needed to go to the bathroom. This is what I found in the middle of my living room floor:

Toilet paper confetti

Toilet paper confetti

When I walked in I picked up the toilet paper off the floor, Katie’s ears went back and Moe put his head down…We are in trouble now, they were thinking. I didn’t yell at them, I didn’t react…Inside maybe, but I didn’t yell I hate dogs as I cleaned up the toilet paper confetti, while crossing my legs because I had to go pee so bad. I just took the toilet paper and went into my 2×2′ bathroom. Have you ever tried to use a half a square of toilet paper? Well, I just tried and it isn’t a cup of tea.

Okay, I thought to myself I need to be proactive rather than reactive, what am I going to do with the toilet paper before I leave the next time just in case this happens again? I can’t put it in the sink because it drips and it would get wet. I can’t put it on the floor because you don’t put paper on a dirty floor, I can’t put it on the back of the toilet because mine isn’t a real toilet with a back. I can’t put it on the wall where it belongs because the water runs down the wall sometimes when it rains real hard and ruins it. Ah ha! The last time I ran out of coffee I kept the can. I will put the paper in the coffee can… Do you think it will work? Or are the dogs making me go crazy?Ah ha! a coffee can

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7 Responses to Toilet paper confetti…

  1. Ruth Currah says:

    You have to child proof your place. We think animals are not as smart as kids. But they darn near are. My cat has to have her litter box clean at all times or she looks elsewhere. She is fussier and cleaner then most kids and just as sneaky.

  2. Yep, childproof. Do you have a door on your bathroom? Lock it. This makes for interesting reading. You figure you’ve covered all the basis but… 😀
    I’ve had my cat a little over a year. Twice she’s been ticked off with me over something and unrolled the toilet paper in a nice pile in the middle of the bathroom. I shut the door now instead of hide the paper.

  3. No, I never thought to put a lock on the bathroom door. but you know I am absolutely going to get one! Sure beats having to put my toilet paper in a coffee can! Maybe I’ll get a hook and eye. Right now, they can push on the door and it may or may not come open. Thank you for your suggestion. Maybe they don’t have me beat after all. Maybe there is still hope for me. Maybe they haven’t driven me dog-gone crazy!

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  5. I think it will work, but I think your dogs will outsmart you and think of something new to play with. They sound pretty smart.

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