The Amazon Jungle

Well, the week at the Amazon jungle went just fine~ until tonight.
I picked up my cart and started the day as usual stowing products into little bins with hand held scanner.  I was stowing and counting happily until  the problem solver came into my isle. The first reaction was the feeling “what have I done wrong now”
“Go to F2 after you are done with your cart” She said to me.                                                       Well, I have a memory issue and a one track mind so to speak.                                                   Before she walked in my isle, I had stowed 15 products and as she started talking to me rather than lose track of my count I put 15 in my scanner but didn’t push enter. I chatted with her for a few minutes and picked up another product to stow and the number 15 had disappeared. I needed to be accurate that the scanner had actually recorded 15+ products and the only way to verify was to talk to the problem solver. So I had to walk down this long long isle to ask her to verify how many items I had stowed. She has a computer that knows everything. She told me she needed the product and asked me what isle was I down.
I never can remember what isle I am down so I take my jacket and put it on the step stool so I visually know where I am working. Anyways, I  walk all the way back down this long long isle to get to my row. I grab the product and repeat to myself over and over as I am walking back to the problem solver what my isle number is. She then was able to  verify how many items I had put into the bin. When I went back to my isle,  I dropped the glass light bulb that I was holding. It shatters into a thousand little pieces on the floor cracking the packaging it was in. Oh brother! Now I have to go back to the problem solver. Well, I only had a few items left  to stow to finish my cart and so I cleared the cart before proceeding down the isle with the broken pieces of light bulb. I take it to the problem solver and show her and tell her “we need a clean up in isle 15 as there is shattered glass all over the floor.” Well by this time the problem solver is being pulled into many different directions and extremely stressed out by other issues and other people pressing her. Go put it on your cart and I will damage it out. So I walk back down the long long isle to get my cart. Problem…someone had already taken my cart away because it was empty. So I had to walk down again to tell the problem solver I had no cart.(each cart has a special number you have to scan). I am sure you can see her reaction, red face and all.

“Now where do you want me to go again?”

  I get to f2 and start stowing and everything is going fine and I was happily stowing away until I have another problem. I put my scanner down and turned around to stow my product and turned around again and my scanner was gone! This is crazy, how can I have my scanner one second and it totally disappear the next. Well, by this time I am starting to get frustrated… ” How can I lose my scanner in a small isle? I don’t get it.” The next person that walked down the middle isle, I said to them “I need help”. “Help with what? “I need help finding my scanner.” We both hunted for about 10 minutes until we finally found it. It was in a bin. Okay back to work!

After about 25 minutes, I finish my cart and go back out into the isle. Everybody had disappeared. I was left alone. I looked at my watch. It read 10:22. Had everybody gone to lunch? What time do we take lunch? Is it 10:00 or is it 10:30. I couldn’t remember. So I go down the stairs to the hr desk and explain my situation to them. Where am I supposed to go next? Don’t worry about it lunch starts in 5 min any way was his reply. Whew. Saved by the bell so to speak.

  I had a few more issues after lunch with counting discrepancies and made one of the problem solvers have a problem herself which wasn’t my problem. A problem solver having a problem is not a play on words it really happened. I was glad when it was quitting time at 4:00 am. Now I am ready for bed~ and ready for a day off today!




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2 Responses to The Amazon Jungle

  1. Whew. What a day. Glad it’s over. Hope you got all rested. 🙂

  2. At the end of shift, I thanked both of the problem solvers for their help and for not making me feel like a total idiot. They both related similar stories of how they too had lost their scanners the bins and had days like that. I was glad the day was over too! I will be resting today because I have to work overtime tomorrow! Thank you Tess!

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