Another doggone week

Well, the dogs were at it again this week.                                                                    Episode #1
When you live in a small space such as an r.v. You utilize whatever space there is available. For example, when I buy coffee, I pour it into a clear plastic canister and put it in my little cupboard. Then I take the coffee can with the extra and store it under the couch. I have been doing this for the past five years with no worries, until this week. I came home from work and open the door to the dog’s r.v. and what do I find? One of the dogs (probably Moe) had drug the coffee can to the middle of the floor and chewed the lid off of it. There was a small pile of coffee grounds on the rug. Not to hard of a job to clean up. The rest of the coffee in the container was intact. I can only imagine Moe’s reaction to all his hard work. The lid actually fit back on the can. So I washed it off.  Now the question is where do I store it?

Episode #2
I went to the grocery store and bought hard mint candy. I put a handful in my coat pocket and the rest of it I put in a container with a screw on lid. I went outside for a while and came back into the dog’s r.v. And what do I find? Moe had gotten into my coat pocket like a little kid and stole my candy!
Moe has always had an affection for hard candy. He likes to lick it down until it is small enough to chew. Mint is his favorite. Katie doesn’t much care for candy, she prefers carrots. If I leave a bag of baby carrots on the counter, Katie, will behind my back, grab them down.
“Rah! You candy thief. Go to Bed!” I yelled as I bent down to pick up the candy wrappers that were scattered from one end of the r.v to the other. “

Episode #3
Okay, my coffee, my candy and now my sausages.
I had a knock at the door my neighbor said to me “We are going to the laundry mat, do you want to come with us?” “Sure! I gladly accepted “Give me a few minutes to get ready”. I quickly grabbed my clothes and the laundry soap and hurried out the door.

When I returned to the dog’s r.v several hours later, I opened the door and what do I find? The dog’s had gotten into the cupboard which I had forgotten to lock and had drug out the bag of kibble.
I keep their dog food in a container under the sink and if I have extra kibble in the bag, I store it in the very back of the cupboard.
The dogs had to crawl in, over their dog food container under the sink plumbing and pull it out. The bag which had about 2 lbs was almost empty.
My dogs were sitting on the couch with a grin on their faces, happy that their bellies were full. I have never seen such fat little dogs in all my life! They looked like sausages! I looked at them and then at the bag on the floor. The bag wasn’t torn and nor was there any kibble on the floor. They must have crawled inside the bag to have eaten what they did. They also must have took turns. Picturing them inside the bag with their tail sticking out wagging and  waiting to take turns, made me chuckle.
I picked up the bag and stuck it back under the counter. Then I put the dogs out. They have been pooping non stop for the past two days. They even woke me up at 3 am needing to go outside. My dogs usually never, ever wake me up when I am sleeping but they needed to go and they needed to go now! I understood, so I let them out. It was partially my fault. It was only when it was 3 am in the morning, on my day off, 20 degrees outside and me having to put the dogs on the leash and let them do their duty that I yelled, “I hate dogs!”

Episode #4
My dogs have a routine. They get up in the morning and go for their water dish and then I let them outside. Well, this morning they had a different kind of surprise! They went for their water dish and the water was frozen solid. Katie looked up at me with this priceless expression. “Mom, what has happened? Where’s the water?” My heart melted, really, I do love my dogs to pieces. {O, the joy of traveling with dogs in the winter.}

Well until next episode,

Be Joyful,



About A Joyful Traveler/A Joyful Ministry

Life is a journey. Come walk with me awhile as I share my love for Travel, Photography, Writing, Animals, and Spiritual Insights with you.
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9 Responses to Another doggone week

  1. Roy Vannoy says:

    Tressa, what size dogs do you foster? could you store the dog foods in the upper sleeping area over the cab? I would like to travel with a dog, here in Florida it’s hard to keep pets inside an RV unless it is airconditioned.
    Roy in Jax

    • Hi, thank you for stopping by. My dogs are 20 lb’s. You can see a picture of them the “my dogs tab” I sleep in the bed area so putting the food up there wouldn’t work. Under the counter, I took out the shelves so I could store their container there. When I get into a hurry, I forget things. I am getting a little better. I plan on getting some hook and eye locks for the bathroom and cupboard doors thanks to the suggestion of Tess/let’s cut the crap to make it easier to remember to lock them when I leave.

      RVing with pets is a challenge in hot weather but it can be done. I have done several things this summer.
      I have a dog fence that folds up. If I need to run an errand in the store and it is hotter than a pistol. I will put up the fence. I pull next to a grassy area in the parking lot and set it up. or next to the curb/side walk. I have even set it up in the back of the r.v. when there is no room on the sidewalk. I give them their pillows and water and tie their leash to the fence or ladder and go shopping. I don’t have air conditioning so I have to improvise. It is out of the ordinary but what the hey, I am a joyful traveler with pets! I don’t care what you think about my setup. The dogs are safe. I also have made a small fence for the window. If it is not that hot I roll the windows all the way down and put up chicken wire. People travel with pets all year round. If you have to improvise do so without regret. After all, your pets are your family too. Why leave them at home?

  2. Sorry for snorting all over your post. Your dogs (and their Mom) are hilarious. Never a dull moment. Everyone in this play is a character. Love you all.

    By the way, nice of you to sneak my name into your post. If the dogs manage to shoulder the door somehow and loosen the hooks and eyes, will I have to hide in shame? 😀 Ha ha ha.

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