A Close Call

I believe that God takes care of his children and I know he is always watching over me.

It started yesterday afternoon around 5 pm. I turned on my rig and it screamed at me a really  high pitch squeal that could be heard across the street. I looked around to see if anyone was staring. No one was in sight. Whew!  I quickly put my gear into neutral and revved the engine and the noise went away. I didn’t give it anymore thought.

Whether you travel in a car, truck or r.v. there are always challenges when you enter into a new city that you are unfamiliar with.  Road Construction is the worst of all, especially at night. It can lead you on detours and missed turns and out of the way to out of the way places or even deserted streets. That was how it was for me last night.

I finished my work and headed to a Mexican restaurant I had seen earlier in the day. I needed to be heading north on highway 75.  Well, due to road construction, the exit I needed was closed. I drove across the bridge to the south bound direction but that too led to another a detour to the frontal road instead of the freeway.  I drove past a Toyota dealership and a Mexican restaurant. I was hungry and decided to eat at that restaurant instead of driving north to the other. After my meal, I asked directions to the local Walmart and departed, by then it was around 9’oclock pm.

I got about six blocks down the road when the front of my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. Both the brake light and battery light came on at the same time. I turned my rig around and headed back to the Toyota dealership. I parked my rig in their parking lot and went to sleep with the assumption that I would have good service in the morning.
When I spoke with the service manager at 8:00 in the morning he informed me that they do not work on Toyota r.v.’s. “There is an r.v.  shop around the corner next to the Mexican Restaurant. You might want to check there.” He told me. I took a doughnut and a cup of coffee that was offered and still in shock that the Toyota service department would not work on my Toyota, I drove over to the other shop. There the gentleman that I talked to informed me that they were only a rental agency and did not have a repair shop. I asked him where I could find a mechanic shop and he gave me directions to Mcdonald Ave. “Go to the T in the road and turn and then go under  the bridge and turn again drive about a mile and the mechanics would be on the left”  Sounded easy enough. I thanked him, said a quick prayer and drove away with my dashboard still lit up like a Christmas tree.

I got to the T in the road and forgot which way he had told me to turn, knowing that I cannot afford to get lost, I  got out of my truck and tried to flag down a driver who could give me direction. No driver would stop to help. So I took another drastic step. I stepped out from the median to the middle of the road. Hence the next driver that turned had to stop. I asked him for directions and told him I was looking for Mcdonald’s Ave and that I needed a mechanic. He told me that he was the Service Manager for the GMC/Buick dealership and to follow him and they would take care of me. So I got back in my rig and followed him to the shop. The moment we arrived in the parking lot my rig overheated and started blowing antifreeze all over the ground and engine. Talk about a close call!!!

Taking it in to their shop immediately they found the problem. 5 guys stood around looking at my engine discussing the problem. Within about 20 min of my arrival, they found the issue. The fan clutch had just seized up and overheated because the alternator belt had broken. $48 in parts and $230 for labor charges and 7 hours later, I am back on the road.

O the joys of traveling. I think it is how we learn how to handle stressful time in life that either fill us with faith or make us falter.

Joy, joy!



About A Joyful Traveler/A Joyful Ministry

Life is a journey. Come walk with me awhile as I share my love for Travel, Photography, Writing, Animals, and Spiritual Insights with you. Ajoyfulministry.wordpress.com/ajoyfultraveler.wordpress.com
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5 Responses to A Close Call

  1. Sorry to hear about your predicament. Lucky you weren’t stranded on the highway. I like your last line, “…that either fill us with faith or make us falter.”

    Labor costs are ridiculous, aren’t they. A $48 part costing tat much labor blows my mind. Glad you’re on the road again. Keep smiling.

  2. Glad your story had a happy ending. Happy and safe travels to you!

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