Another Beautiful Day At The Lake

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The White Bird is a Great Egret. “The pristinely white Great Egret gets even more dressed up for the breeding season. A patch of skin on its face turns neon green, and long plumes grow from its back.” “The Wispy “nuptial plumes” emerge from body in breeding season.” Measurements: Length: 37–40.9 in: 94–104 cm  Wingspan 51.6–57.1 in; 131–145 cm Weight: 35.3 oz; 1000 g

To shoot the photo of the wingspan of the bird. I positioned my camera and set it to multiple shots. As he flew away, I was able to capture the photo.

The Gray bird is a Great Blue Heron. “Largest of the North American herons with long legs, a sinuous neck, and thick, daggerlike bill. Head, chest, and wing plumes give a shaggy appearance.”

It was only after the Egret flew away from me did I notice the Great Blue Heron staring down at me from the roof top.

The Black Duck with red eye is a American coot. 
“You’ll find coots eating aquatic plants on almost any body of water. When swimming they look like small ducks (and often dive), but on land they look more chickenlike, walking rather than waddling. An awkward and often clumsy flier, the American Coot requires long running takeoffs to get airborne.”

The black bird is called a Great-tailed Grackle. Flocks of these long-legged, social birds strut and hop on suburban lawns, golf courses, fields, and marshes in Texas, the Southwest, and southern Great Plains. In the evening, raucous flocks pack neighborhood trees, filling the sky with their amazing (some might say ear-splitting) voices.

The multi-colored duck with red bill is a domesticated Muscovy Duck..                              How to spot a domesticated duck: “First rule of thumb:  If your weird duck is found at a park, walking around on the grass or coming near people, it is probably a domestic duck. Second rule of thumb:  If your duck has large patches of white where you didn’t expect it, think domestic duck.

I took these photos today 2/28/ at Lewisville Lake in Texas but the information about these birds came from:


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3 Responses to Another Beautiful Day At The Lake

  1. This is a wonderful presentation. Thank you for sharing. Nice to see such clear pictures of our feathered friends. 😀

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