Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This week’s photo challenge is to show “Monument”.  NASA Space Center in Houston houses one of three remaining Saturn V rockets/spacecrafts. It takes your breath away when you walk in the building that houses it. I took these pics this spring: The info is from: http://www.apollosaturn.com/frame-sv.htm

Saturn V, including the Apollo spacecraft. is 364 feet tall*. Fully loaded, the vehicle will weigh some 6.1 million pounds.  (*that would be about 36 stories high.)

saturn v 5

The 300,000-pound first stage is 33 feet in diameter and 138 feet long. It is powered by five F-1 engines generating 7.5 million pounds thrust. The booster will burn 203,000 gallons of RP-1 (refined kerosene) and 331,000 gallons of liquid oxygen (LOX} in 2.5 minutes

stage 1stage 1a

Saturn V’s second stage is powered by five J-2 engines that generate a total thrust of a million pounds. The 33-foot diameter stage weighs 95,000 pounds empty and more than a million pounds loaded. It burns some 260,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and 83,000 gallons of liquid oxygen during a typical 6- minute flight.
.stage 2a

Third stage of the vehicle is 21 feet and 8 inches in diameter and 58 feet and 7 inches long. An interstage adapter connects the larger diameter second stage to the smaller upper stage. Empty weight Off the stage is 34,000 pounds and the fueled weight is 262,000 pounds. A single J-2 engine developing up to 225,000 pounds of thrust powers the stage. Typical burn time is 2.75 minutes for the first burn and 5.2 minutes to a translunar injection.
stage 3

The vehicle instrument unit sits atop the third stage. The unit, which weighs some 4,500 pounds. contains the electronic gear that controls engine ignition and cutoff, steering, and all other commands necessary for the Saturn V mission. Diameter of the instrument unit is 21 feet and 8 inches, and height is 3 feet

.stage 6

Directly above the instrument unit in the Apollo configuration is the Apollo spacecraft. It consists of the lunar module. the service module, the command module, and the launch escape system. Total height of the package is about 80 feet.
stage 8a stage 8


NASA’s next mission is to send men to Mars. Hmm, that would be Monumental!




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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. rsfdeep says:

    This is awesome..wow

  2. I thought so too! Can you imagine what it would be like to be sitting on top of all that rocket power? It is amazing what men can do when they put their minds to work! Monumental indeed!

  3. psychotoons says:

    They are impulsive with no fear. I guess there is a plan for those little ADHD kids.

  4. You would have to be fearless to do a job like that. I wonder what it will be like in another fifty years. They will be sending those ADHD Kids to mars or beyond.Interesting plan.

  5. mithriluna says:

    Great collection of images. Very interesting!

  6. Sometimes Cameras really can’t show the true grandeur of something. You can just capture the essence of it. But that is the fun of Photography!

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