Hush Puppies?

Another recent episode. Easter Sunday.

Is this what you call hush puppies?

I had just bought a 5lb bag of potatoes. I put them on them safely on the counter and then left the dogs in their R.V. to go and run some errands. When I returned to the R.V. about an hour later, I opened the door and instead of my dogs furiously greeting me, all I heard was a hushed silence. I stepped into the R.V. and and discovered why. Potatoes.

There were potatoes everywhere. They were scattered from the front of the R.V. to the back of the R.V. each one with a bite or two or three out of it. One potato was all forlorn sitting in the middle of my chair. The bag shredded next to it. The dogs were hushed and huddled together in the passenger seat up in the front. Every now and then Katie would peak around the corner to see how I was going to react. I calmly picked up all the potatoes and put them in the sink while muttering under my breath “I hate dogs!”  Only after I was done did the dogs come tiptoeing into the room. They just hopped into my chair like nothing unusual had happened. I just glared at them.

It has a long while since their last episode. I have become more “proactive.”  I put a lock on the outside of the bathroom door, thank to Tess’s suggestion. Every time I leave I look at the lock and make sure the door is closed. I try my hardest to keep things put in their proper place but sometimes I guess I just forget and when I do I get taken advantage of every time.

The Dogs are shedding like crazy!  After a cold winter they are discarding their winter coat. It has been in the 80’s for the past few days. 90 in the r.v.. I cleaned and swept the floor on Easter but what good did it do? Nada! I put the broom away and the dogs came back in the room and wala a black fur carpet again.  I have wood floors by the way.

Ah for the love of dogs!



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6 Responses to Hush Puppies?

  1. I’d get rid of those dogs, they seem like a lot of trouble!

  2. So, reading between the lines, you love your dogs! Right? I don’t get the “I hate dogs” part.
    Good story though!

  3. Ruth Currah says:

    They are potato heads. Funny.

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