I can not believe how fast time flies by when you are having fun or how time seems to slow to a crawl when waiting for the hard times to pass.

Love and friendship, loss and death, sickness and health, can make a year seem like a lifetime.

I am learning that all we have is the experience of time. (also that computers crash and to keep your smart phone away from water!)

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Enjoy what time you have.

I’m Back!


About A Joyful Traveler/A Joyful Ministry

Life is a journey. Come walk with me awhile as I share my love for Travel, Photography, Writing, Animals, and Spiritual Insights with you. Ajoyfulministry.wordpress.com/ajoyfultraveler.wordpress.com
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One Response to Time

  1. Debbie Granger says:

    Well, I have missed you and am thrilled you’re alive, well and kicking. You bring joy Tressa and it’s time for you to spread that joy again. I do hope you are well and happy. I’ve thought about you so often these past TWO years. I lost Hunter February 2014. I think I’ll get a new dog come Spring. They help to fill life with joy also. Please post updates.


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