Sometimes you just have to smile! Just had to share this picture of Blue, the horse and Glue his buddy. 

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Sunset in L.A. California

An end to another beautiful day!


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Another beautiful sunset!


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Don’t feed the squirrels!

Today, I got a rare encounter with the local beach ground squirrels.

Squirrel using Apeture setting on phone

This little guy was really friendly!

eating crackers

See no more food…

see no more food

The reaction on their faces is priceless! What? What do you mean you have no more food?

What no more food

Take time to enjoy the little things in life.

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Inspirational quote: Keep on running!



Wake up and start running!

Wake up and start running!


It’s time to Move forward

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100 word challenge: “This time next year”


“This time next year…” was all that I had written on the page. My pen had stopped as my mind wandered back to the year just past.
“You have two brain tumors the size of walnuts.” the emergency doctor told my sister.
“How long do I have to live?” she asked fearfully.
“Six weeks.” He replied.
We sat in stunned silence as the doctor left the room.
My sister sat on the gurney looking around the room.
“What are you looking at?” I asked her.
“See the electric outlet?”
“It is saying, ‘Oh No’!”
We laughed then cried together.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight

This Weeks Photo Challenge is weight. Weight can be gravity or it can be emotional both uplifting and heavy. How appropriate for me this week.

This is my little Katie girl.


One of my favorite memories was Katie was sitting on my lap and I started singing a praise song. I know I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and that I am tone deaf, but I like to sing anyways. So I belted out a tune with my dog sitting in my lap. She picked up a paw and put it directly over my mouth. That was funny alright. It could have been a fluke. So I tested the waters by singing again. This time she put her ears back and looked directly in my eyes and pick up her paw and rather roughly put it over my mouth. I laughed and giggled. How uplifting. Laughter and love makes the heart weightless.

This is Katie last night. She was dying and so I picked up her pillow and put it on my bed. She picked up her paw and laid it on my shoulder. It was like she was saying “it’s going to be okay Mom”.


Tears filled my eyes and I had a good cry. She died last night at 12:39 am. I buried her in my friends yard. I had her for 14 happy years. Kind of a heavy weight.

I will miss my little Katie girl.


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A Christmas Tribute

On December 22, I was sitting at the bedside of my sister. I was singing a Christian song “Jesus is the sweetest name I know”.  While I was singing, she passed on to the other side. What a way to go!

12193795_953893254676091_6413859657687698430_nThis statue shows a Christian woman who is old at death’s door. As she passes from this life to the next, she is no longer sick or old and does not carry the burdens of this mortal life. She is welcomed by her Savior into eternal life whole and strong to live forever in heaven. What a promise, what joy!

(I did not take this picture. It was on shared on facebook by            Jorja Pigott)


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Weekly photo challenge: Gathering 2

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
People gather together to enjoy the Parade of Lights…

truck raindeer

shopping cart

Tis’ the reason for the season?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Celebrating this Christmas season 2015 in the hospital, I gathered everything together and made my sisters room festive for the season.


christmas in hospital 2

A red bow decorates a gathering of medical devices


Christmas carolers gathered together to sing. They made my sister smile…

pic of tena with blue hair

Make someone smile! Everyday!

My family and friends gather with me to celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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