Live life

When I took this photograph and stacked a few stones, I was thinking: We need to live life to the fullest.

Live your life peacefully. Make your mark.

Live your life happy, joyfully and surrounded by people to love.

Live your life. Be renewed every day. Grow mentally and spiritually.

Colors can have symbolic meanings.

Gray is the symbol for compromise or ambiguity. It’s an intellectual color, representing the ability to see both sides of an issue and come to a nuanced, practical conclusion.” (

Yellow is warm and cheerful. It symbolises friendship.

Green symbolizes growth and renewel. It can also symbolize re-birth.

All of these colors work in harmony and provide balance.

We need to live life this way in harmony and balance.

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Capturing the Beauty of Mount Raineer, WA

Just wanted to share the beauty of the Mountain in seven photographs.

A view of Mount Raineer from Tacoma, Wa
Mount Raineer
Narada Falls, Mount Raineer
Mount Raineer from Route 410
Proof there are mountain lions in the park
People on the trails in Paradise
Wild flowers

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Cat eyes

Took this picture of a friend’s cat this afternoon.

You never know how a picture will turn out until you snap the shutter.

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Happy Fourth Full Moon

Tonight, July 4 2020, amidst all the fireworks in the sky, the universe display is the glory of them all.

The Moon is full and Venus is shining brightly!

The fireworks light up the sky but for a moment.

Enjoy your moments!

Enjoy your liberty.

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Happy Fourth Sunset

Land of the Free.

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Three Simple Rules in Life

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Life is a journey of your own choosing


Put your life on the right course.

When you find the right path, you will find the salvation of God.

Simple musing: When you are down look up. When you are up, look around. You will see how far you have come.

Life is never static. We are always on the move, always on a journey.

Life is a journey of your own choosing.

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Tick Tock…

Tick tock goes the clock…

Tick tock goes the clock. Time either goes so fast that it seems to disappear. One hour fading quickly into the next. Or it moves so slow that it is like watching a turtle cross the road. It drags on, one minute at a time. Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is passing.

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Live Your Life on Purpose!

Drive out of your way. You never know what beauty you may see.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Live your life on purpose because you can. We have a reason for being here. It is our human right.

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Good Morning World

Good Morning World: 6:15 am
Morning moon
It is the start of another day

Good Morning World.

It is the start of another day.

Whatever the day may bring may we have the peace we need.

Take time to meditate on good things throughout the day.

Listen to the rippling brook
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